Meet Jordan, Your Custom Wedding Dress Designer

Jordan is an award-winning custom gown designer and owner of Zuri Bridal in Atlanta, GA.

Jordan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art & Design. Her work embodies a timeless romanticized aesthetic with an emphasis on classical silhouettes, fine laces, and intricate beading. She accentuates the romantic feeling of a classically glamorous period while adding a modern, polished flair to her custom gown designs and dress making.

From concept to execution, she strives to make each Zuri bride feel confident, comfortable, and unforgettable on her most special day. Jordan’s unique approach to custom bridal gowns and commitment to providing her brides a delightful experience has made Zuri Bridal the preferred choice among top bridal shops in Atlanta, GA.

When working with formal dress maker Jordan, brides are able to go beyond a dress that merely works to one that wows. Enjoy a private, 2-hour consultation with Jordan during your first appointment and learn from her years of experience with bringing the bride’s dreams to life. Whether you’re considering a custom dress or trying to navigate the ever-changing world of wedding fashion trends, Jordan and her team work tirelessly to make the entire process simple, painless, and stress-free.

Although Jordan has become established as a top custom wedding dress designer in Atlanta, her work and bridal store have been globally recognized in publications such as Vogue UK, Vogue China, Apparel Magazine, MNE Magazine, SCAN Magazine, and Micro Macro Magazine. Recent features include RAGTRADE Atlanta and Live in ATL.

How Did Zuri Become One of the Top Bridal Shops in Atlanta?

Jordan built her reputation as one of the best wedding dress designers in Atlanta, GA by pairing classic, timeless looks with her refined sense of style. However, while the appeal of Jordan’s designs has earned her awards and acclaim, it’s her dedication to client satisfaction and drives to provide superior customer service that continually makes her stand out from other custom wedding dress designers in Atlanta, GA.

Zuri Wedding Dress Designs

Jordan’s distinctive style is clearly reflected in her two diverse and breathtaking wedding dress collections, Everlasting and Timeless. Even the names of these collections perfectly capture their enduring sophistication and lasting relevance.

A captivating blend of modern appeal and vintage-inspired flair, the Everlasting collection offers brides a gorgeous array of dresses in numerous styles. From sleeve-length lace to elegant beaded designs, an Everlasting dress is truly unforgettable. Dresses featured in the Timeless collection are romantically reminiscent of times gone by and irresistibly current in their simplicity and charm. Each Timeless dress undeniably captures the essence of a classic wedding gown with subtle additions of a modern aesthetic.

Brides can elevate their entire look even more with the addition of a customized accessory like a cape that’s designed to perfectly pair with their dream dress.

Regardless of which option they choose, Zuri Bridal wants brides to cherish their dress as something special that will last for generations, not just one day. As a custom wedding dress designer, Jordan’s goal is to make each bride’s gown make a statement piece on the special day and an amazing heirloom symbolizes lasting love.

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