Meet The Top Custom Wedding Dress Designer In Atlanta, GA

Jordan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art & Design. Jordan’s work embodies a timeless romanticized aesthetic with an emphasis on classical silhouettes, fine laces, and intricate beading. She accentuates the romantic feeling of a classically glamorous period while adding a modern, polished flair to her custom gowns.

Jordan is an award-winning custom gown designer and owner of Zuri Bridal in Atlanta, GA.

From concept to execution, she strives to make each Zuri bride feel confident, comfortable, and unforgettable on her most special day. Jordan’s unique approach to custom bridal gowns, and commitment to providing her brides an unforgettable experience, has made Zuri Bridal stand out from other bridal shops in Atlanta, GA.

Her work and bridal store in Atlanta have been globally recognized in publications such as Vogue UK, Vogue China, Apparel Magazine, MNE Magazine, SCAN Magazine, and Micro Macro Magazine. Recent features include RAGTRADE Atlanta and Live in ATL.

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