Everlasting Collection by Zuri Bridal

Everlasting: Zuri Bridal’s Classic Wedding Dresses

The Everlasting collection features unforgettable, glamorous, classic, and truly unique one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. This collection is sure to leave you feeling bold and beautiful with vintage-inspired lace, intricate beading, and flowing capes. Our classic wedding dresses embody a sophisticated aesthetic that’s seamlessly blended with a modern, polished flair. The added flourish and grace of each thoughtful detail in our classic wedding dresses make them absolutely eye-catching but also dignified, elegant, and effortlessly simple.

Work with our high-end wedding dress designer and Zuri Bridal founder, Jordan Ewing, to create a one-of-a-kind everlasting dress that’s perfectly customized just for your specifications, style, and measurements. As one of the most trusted custom wedding dress designers in Atlanta, we are the perfect choice for brides looking to collaborate on an original gown for their special day.

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During the consultation, you will meet directly with Jordan to discuss each aspect of your dress and ensure that your exact specifications are clearly understood. When working with Zuri Bridal you can rest easy knowing that we pay attention to every detail and keep you continually updated about the status of your dress. Working with a proven partner that offers award-winning styles and multiple classic wedding dresses is the best way to guarantee that you truly get precisely what you want!

Everlasting Unique One-of-a-Kind Wedding Dress Wholesale

The Everlasting collection is available for limited wholesale. Please contact 678.235.4771 or orders@zuribride.com for more information.

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